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Webinar on Demand: Titomic’s D523

1 September, 2022

Titomic's D523 - on demand webinar

Find out how you can save 90% on your repair bill, drastically reduce material costs, and rapidly restore surfaces.

The D523 is Titomic’s portable cold spray system, enabling rapid repair of metal parts at a fraction of time and cost compared to traditional repair methods.

The system utilises compressed air to fire metal particles at the surface, allowing fusion of metals without heat. This means the system doesn’t introduce heat into metal parts, avoiding distortion and grain structure changes.


  • Drastically cut repair costs – often by 90%
  • Repair parts & surfaces in minutes, in-house.
  • Minimal machining required
  • Fuse dissimilar metals, such as applying
    nickel to cast-iron.
  • Prevent & repair corrosion damage
  • Repair bearing seats
  • Repair forms and patterns for casting plastic, glass, metal
  • Hermetically seal radiators and HVAC systems
  • Add electrical and thermal conductive layers to metals.

Webinar Content

Duration/Length: <20 minutes.

  • What is cold spray?
  • What challenges can cold spray overcome? 
  • D523 case studies and use cases.

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