Titomic Kinetic Fusion® for Defence Manufacturing

Titomic works alongside the defence and aerospace industry, as well as multiple government research bodies, to develop cutting-edge surface engineering and material science. Through this research, Titomic is uncovering new ways to manufacture high-performance metal parts. As a result, Titomic has realised new possibilities and next-generation manufacturing methods for defence-specific applications.

Through extensive research and development, Titomic Kinetic Fusion® enables new engineering possibilities by consolidating parts manufacturing, fusing dissimilar metals, and creating heterogeneous metal alloys. To date, Titomic has recognised new applications within multi-metal composite armour, lightweight and heat-resistant barrels, composite metal projectiles and more.

Titomic Kinetic Fusion® inherently heightens the performance of existing parts and applications by reducing weight, boosting strength, and increasing lifespan. This is achieved with industrial-scale production using high-performance alloys, including titanium, in an economical way.

Composite Ballistics Armour

With traditional manufacturing methods, it’s simply not feasible to economically fuse dissimilar metals at scale. Now, with Titomic Kinetic Fusion®, our clients can manufacture composite metal armour at industrial scale and speed.

With this, clients can create new, never-before-seen armour applications from a broad range of materials, including high-performance metal alloys such as titanium, and can metallise materials including plastics and ceramics. By layering and fusing these materials, Titomic Kinetic Fusion® is unlocking the future of ballistics and hypersonics coatings.

Lightweight, Heat-Resistant barrels

For many years, manufacture of gun barrels has been limited to a narrow range of alloys, particularly high-chrome molybdenum steels such as 4140, 4150, or 4340. Although these have stayed the test of time, Titomic Kinetic Fusion® is broadening the scope of what’s possible for barrel manufacture.

For example, Titomic can meld together titanium, steel and copper to create barrels that exploit the strengths of all three metals. This allows the creation of barrels which are harder, stiffer, lighter, stronger and more heat resistant than their modern counterparts – from small arms to howitzers.

With this, Titomic is introducing the next generation of barrel manufacturing to enable a heightened warfare capability for vehicles, artillery and military personnel.

Casings & Projectiles

With a large and versatile rotational build capability, Titomic Kinetic Fusion® can create large, seamless parts up to 4 metres in diameter and 3 metres in length, with custom systems capable of build speeds up to 75 kilograms per hour.

With the ability to fuse dissimilar metals, multi-metal composite projectiles, such as armour piercing rounds, can be manufactured seamlessly through one application, allowing rapid manufacture and minimal lead times.

This also allows us to metallise plastics and composites such as carbon fibre, creating stiffer, lighter, and stronger parts across aerospace & defence.


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