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Complete custom cold spray additive manufacturing systems

Faster, simpler on-demand

Put the power back in your hands, cut costs and simplify your supply chain with the TKF 1000 modular additive manufacturing system.

From prototyping to R&D, small-run production and on-demand manufacturing, the in-house system brings the limitless possibilities of cold spray technology to your factory floor.

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Automated robotic production
Fuse dissimilar metals to create custom solutions
Additive manufacturing without distortion or oxidation
Combine multiple materials in parts
Multiple powder feeders allow rapid manufacturing with dissimilar metals
Industry-leading build rates
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Cost effective digital manufacturing
Manufacturing with advanced materials
System features
  • Large scale metal additive manufacturing
  • Synchronised 6-Axis Robotics, Servo Positioning and TKF Controls
  • Intuitive touch panel interface
  • Protective sound-dampening booth
System enclosure
  • Designed for easy operation and user experience
  • Scratch-proof, polycarbonate viewing panels
  • Easy access points for connecting services
  • Fully insulated composite panel cell walls
  • Automate Bi-parting loading door with sealing system
Downdraft extraction area
  • Particles and operating gas extracted via floor
  • Removable non-slip grating panels
  • Simple connection to existing dust collector with signal interfacing
  • Ducted powder feed area for reloading and continuous operation
Vacuum System
  • Plug and play integrated housekeeping vacuum
  • Hi-vacuum to single collection point
  • 5m max anti-static vacuum hose
  • 250m3/hr at 15 kPa
Component positioning shuttle
  • Counter levered linear bearing mounts
  • Component T-slot mounting table
  • Precise servo-driven positioning
  • Integrated component weight measuring and logging
  • Removable stainless steel covers
  • Cable chain for carrying component cables
Rotary component positioning unit
  • Co-ordinated movement, speed control and positioning
  • 500mm table diameter
  • Max. speed 180RPM
Build Envelope1 x 1 x 1m
Footprint6.3 x 4.1 x 3.6m
Shuttle Load750kg
Control / Robotics / Industry 4.0
Controls PlatformSiemens
InterfacingProfinet or flexible
Offline Robotic SimulationExtensive path strategy options
Industry 4.0 PlatformLinux NAS server
Digital DashboardCustom data visualisation
Process parameter regulations
Gas flow+/- 0.5% from set point
Chamber Temperature+/– 3 ̊ C
Powder Output+/– 0.5%
Max Temp. 1100 ̊15 minutes to heat, 10 to cool
Max Operating Pressure60 Bar
Powder Feeder Swap60 seconds
General maintenance
Nozzle ChangeUnder 5 minutes
Integrated Downdraft Floor Extraction Area10.0m2
Power feeder system
Operating Pressure725 Psi
Feed Ratio10g/min – 330g/min (20kg/hr)
Powder Volume per Feeder3.7 Litres
  • Dual powder feeder allows combining powdersand refilling during operation. Optional 4-qty powder feeder system.
  • Integrated weight sensing and data logging.
  • Internal controls ensure stable operation process.
Material mechanical properties
MaterialYield strengthUTSElongation
Inconel 718 (HT1*)977 MPa1,145 MPa8%
Inconel 718 (HT2*)680 MPa1,080 MPa28%
SS 304L348 MPa645 MPa32%
Invar36371 MPa517 MPa26%
CP Titanium HDH702 MPa800 MPa5.30%
4330 Steel (HT1*)1,180 MPa1,300 MPa8%
4330 Steel (HT2*)860 MPa950 MPa12%

ASTM E8 Standard, *Heat Treatment Profiles are available from Titomic

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