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Titomic TKF System sold to Triton Systems to support growing need for US manufacturing capability

7 May, 2024

Titomic Limited (ASX: TTT) (“Titomic” or “Company”), the world’s leading provider of cold spray solutions, is pleased to announce the strategic sale of a custom  Titomic Kinetic Fusion System (TKF System) to US-based Triton Systems Inc. (Triton) for USD 808,000 (AUD 1.2M).

This TKF System is part of a larger strategic investment by Triton to develop new and innovative manufacturing  applications. The sale also marks Titomic’s first sale of a TKF System within the United States.

The sale is a major advancement in the partnership between Titomic and Triton, established in 2020, and furthers the incorporation of Titomic’s Kinetic Fusion technology in the development of applications for use in ground, air, space, and sea systems by the US Department of Defense as well as commercial aerospace, industrial and power generation markets.

The TKF System offers Triton significant capabilities, including the rapid and cost-effective additive manufacturing of large area and high-performance parts from materials such as aluminum, titanium, steels, and nickel-based superalloys, and the development of new applications using multiple metals applied layer-by-layer.

The TKF System will provide Triton with novel capabilities surrounding applications including armaments, barrels, electro-magnetic shielding, armour, large-scale structures, propulsion systems, metal restoration, and functional coatings.

The partnership between Titomic and Triton once again underscores the effectiveness of Titomic’s technology in meeting stringent industry standards and its suitability for demanding defence and commercial applications. This collaboration also signals a growing need in the defence sector globally, supporting Titomic’s commercial strategy. Triton joins a cohort of defence players including the Koninklijke Landmacht (the Royal Netherlands Army) and BAE Systems that utilise Titomic’s TKF Systems.

Titomic’s Managing Director, Mr. Herbert Koeck, commented,
“This sale, following Triton’s rigorous testing and subsequent adoption, is a major validation of Titomic’s commercial strategy and technology. It highlights the importance of our Kinetic Fusion technology in the United States’ and global defence sectors and sets the stage for further sales, showcasing proven implementation and innovation in defence and commercial manufacturing.”

David Model, Triton’s Chief Operating Officer, added
“At Triton Systems, we are committed to maintaining our leadership in advanced materials processing and manufacturing technologies. The acquisition of the Titomic Kinetic Fusion System represents a strategic enhancement to our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of technology. This investment strengthens our ability to innovate and underscores our dedication to delivering superior solutions for defence and commercial applications.”

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