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Better satellite protection with 3D printed shielding

Extend mission life with lighter, more effective radiation shielding. Titomic Kinetic Fusion® allows unique fabrication of radiation shielding – customised precisely for your mission objectives.


Apply thin, effective radiation shielding to satellites with minimal weight.


Extended lifespan

Drastically mitigate incoming TD radiation to cost-effectively prolong satellite lifespan.

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Less cost

Far more cost-effective compared to radiation hardening, enabling more missions to fly for longer.

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Easy & fast

Applied directly to the body of the satellite in tailored sizes, shapes, and thicknesses for specific mission objectives.

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The CubeSats and SmallSats sectors need a reliable, enduring and cost-effective alternative to prohibitively expensive radiation-hardened electronics.


Titomic’s graded-Z shielding offers radiation protection at a lower mass compared to single-material shielding, while also extending the life of sensitive electronics – and cutting costs by reducing the need for expensive radiation-hardened electronics.

The optimal shielding design is mission-specific and depends on the radiation spectrum: the proportion of protons, electrons, and gamma radiation (a function of altitude and inclination) as well as the intended dose reduction (threshold of components, accumulated or single event upset dose).

Case study

Irradiation testing was completed at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in February 2022 to validate GEANT4 simulations.

Validation is currently underway to publish the depth-of-dose curves providing TID attenuation vs. areal density for space electron and proton spectra.


A shifting paradigm in the economics of space:
The role of radiation shielding for low-cost satellites

Radiation shielding is a cost-effective way to extend the life of satellites, by protecting sensitive electronics against accumulated continuous radiation exposure. 

Learn how cold spray technology can uniquely fabricate radiation shields – and then apply them directly to the satellite body to meet specific mission objectives.

Titomic Kinetic Fusion®

Titomic Kinetic Fusion® is an additive manufacturing method that uses supersonic particle deposition.

It’s an advanced technology that coats surfaces with strong layers of specialty metals – without ever melting them. It does this by accelerating metal particles into a supersonic jet of air. As the particles collide, they do so with so much kinetic energy that they bond together and fuse to the surface.

With this method, titanium, copper, tantalum, and aluminium can be deposited and fused together to create heterogeneous alloys.

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Less waste
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Scalable systems
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Any size
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Titanium Valve Manufacturing with Cold Spray

Learn how Titomic’s D523 low-pressure cold spray system was used to quickly repair a classic car with no heat. The no-heat process does what welding, putty, and epoxies couldn’t for 20 years. Now, this vintage race car is back on the track, ready to take its driver toward the podium.

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