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See what other industry leaders have made possible with our breakthrough cold spray technology and turnkey TKF Additive Manufacturing System.

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The team at Fire Island Wind - a remote wind farm in Alaska run by GE Renewable Energy - needed repairs to a wind turbine heat exchanger. Replacing these heat exchangers is a logistical challenge, as they need to be drained, removed, and replaced, requiring hours of labor and costing up to $80,000.
It took just one bit of debris to damage a shower floor moulding tool and bring a leading composite materials company’s operations to a standstill. But it took Titomic’s D523 low-pressure cold spray system just a few hours – and a staggeringly small repair bill – to get efficiency flowing again.
At the Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub, located at Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future, Titomic’s TKF 9000 system has make it possible to produce lighter, stronger, production-ready rapid tooling for a range of aerospace applications.

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Learn what other industry leaders have achieved with our TKF Additive Manufacturing System.