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What is TKF AM?

As an impressively efficient manufacturing cell, our TKF AM System is built to your specific needs. So you produce only what you need, when you need it.
It brings together:
Problem solving

So you can solve even the most difficult problems – or make improvements to your supply chain never before thought possible.

Taking it to the next level

Our TKF AM System harnesses cold spray technology (together with software and robotics) to produce high-performance metals at unprecedented speed and scale – and with improved safety and sustainability.

Faster output
Less waste
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Scalable systems
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Scalable systems
Any size
Any size
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Cost competitive
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Maximum uptime

What is cold spray?

Cold spray is an advanced additive manufacturing technology that coats surfaces with strong layers of specialty metals – without ever melting them.

How it works

1Metal particles are injected into a gas jetstream.
2The particles accelerate at supersonic speeds.
3The particles exit the spray nozzle.
4The particles collide with the surface and deform, sticking to the surface and to each other.
5The particles build up, developing into near-net-shape metal parts.

This process unlocks limitless design possibilities with minimal heat distortion. And because the materials keep their intrinsic properties, they’re comparable or superior to cast and wrought materials.

Cold spray makes it possible

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Access novel, cost-effective materials with unparalleled capabilities.

Produce high-performance, solid-state metal components faster, lighter, stronger and longer lasting.


Rapidly build titanium components for lighter aircraft, armoured vehicles, rockets and more.


Make near-net shape geometries for faster speed to market and better buy-to-fly ratios.


Perform rapid surface repairs with closed loop robotic systems.


Produce thick coatings and complete metal objects.

See what’s next

Discover how our manufacturing cell is solving complex challenges.

rim repair case study

Alloy wheel repair an all-round success with cold spray

Repairing deep cuts in alloy wheels typically involves welding on more metal to fill the grooves – a hot, slow, and difficult process that requires a skilled technician, and can cause cracking and damage to the heat treatment. Equipped with Titomic’s D523 cold spray system, one leading wheel repairer was able to turn that around.

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