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About Us

Titomic Limited (ASX: TTT) is an Australian public company specialising in the commercialisation of large-scale metal additive manufacturing, using its patented cold spray additive manufacturing technology known as Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF).

Titomic exists to allow many industrial users and manufacturers of metal products to have commercial access to the unique capabilities enabled by the TKF process. The process provides a broad range of industries including Aerospace, Defence, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing and Automotive a variety of unique capabilities.

These capabilities enabled by our process offer the following benefits to its users

    • Access to novel material sources providing excellent capabilities at cost-effective prices
    • Ability to produce lightweight titanium components at high speed, reducing the weight of aircraft, armoured vehicles, and rockets
    • Ability to produce near-net shape geometries, increasing speed to market for customers with an improved buy-to-fly ratio and improved product sustainability
    • Production of metal combinations not feasible with traditional manufacturing offering novel solutions to established problems

The opportunities that can be addressed by the TKF Cold Spray process provides us with a broad range of applications, but these have been narrowed down to ensure rapid commercial success.

    Invar Tooling – high speed manufacture of near net shape faceplates for the rapid growth Carbon Fibre Industry which is expected to grow in the Aerospace sector alone at a CAGR of >11%
    Weapons Barrels – manufacture of weapons barrels solving problems with regards to weight and performance enabling higher performance and greater lethality
    Ballistic Protection – novel large geometry solutions for protecting armoured vehicles reducing weight and offering improved protection for personnel
    Radiation Shielding – a high-speed, high-performance solution for conformal and spot protection of sensitive electronics in the high growth communications satellite industry
    Glass Mould Coatings – offering improved productivity and worker safety in the glass bottle manufacturing industry which is growing at a CAGR of app 5%, while improving their bottom line
    Coatings & Repair (Aerospace) – the process allows for repair and maintenance of surfaces on civil and military aircraft, keeping aircraft in service longer saving money and keeping aircraft in service longer
    Coatings & Repair (Other) – the metal industry has been dependent on welding for generations to repair components, the TKF process allows in-field low temperature restoration and protection of existing metal infrastructure with enormous potential in the Transportation, Oil & Gas and Mining industries

Titomic is achieving the above through the

    • Sale of standard and custom TKF Additive Manufacturing systems
    • Sale of standard and custom coating and repair systems
    • Production and sale of TKF manufactured parts to end-users
    • Sale of consumables, spare parts, and maintenance services
    • Sale of R&D services
    • Formation of Joint Ventures in key products and territories

Titomic offers all of the above through its locations and networks in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Our Story

In 2007, Titomic Founder Jeff Lang was invited by the CSIRO to participate in an initiative named ‘Ore for More’ – a project which sought to utilise and add value to Australia’s abundant titanium mineral sands, from which ilmenite and rutile are extracted. With over 300,000,000 tonnes of titanium mineral sands within its crust, Australia is home to the world’s largest deposits of mineral sands.

Initially, it was noted that these minerals could be transformed into metal powders for use in the emerging market of additive manufacturing, however the volume consumed by many 3D printers and the industry overall is small, resulting in a relatively small market. Re-examining the problem, this led the team to explore how a larger volume of titanium could be used in manufacturing at scale and speed through new or existing technologies.

Throughout the process, the research team looked toward Cold Spray for a solution – a technique of supersonically depositing metal particles onto a scaffold to create metal coatings. Drawing upon Professor Fox’s medical research surrounding scaffold-based tissue engineering, the team explored the use of this process to create metal parts by building particles layer upon layer. It was found that not only was the process well-suited for additive manufacturing, it also provided a range of unique advantages.

Building on this success, the founders went on to patent and licence the technology via the CSIRO. After extensive research and development, a company named Titomic was established in 2014 to commercialise this technology, trademarking this novel manufacturing method as Titomic Kinetic Fusion®. With this technology, Titomic now offers industrial-scale additive manufacturing utilising titanium and other high-performance metals.

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