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Custom TKF systems

Fully automated custom additive manufacturing systems

Customised systems to solve your manufacturing challenges.

Bring a new age of automated manufacturing to your factory floor with the TKF 9000 additive manufacturing system.

With an impressive 40.5m3 build envelope, it unlocks the limitless possibilities of large-scale cold spray manufacturing with metals.

So you can cut costs and reduce waste while producing parts faster, easier and more sustainably than ever before.

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Automated robotic production
Fuse dissimilar metals to create custom solutions
Additive manufacturing without distortion or oxidation
Create high-performance metal coatings
Powder feeder accurate to 0.5μm without clogging
Industry-leading build rates
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Cost effective digital manufacturing
Manufacturing with advanced materials
System features
  • Automated robotic production
  • Kuka robot for 6-axis manoeuvrability
  • Servo-controlled shuttle
  • Intuitive touch panel interface
  • Protective sound-dampening booth
  • Dust extraction system for a safe and clean environment
Extraction system
  • Based on 1000m3/hr to 1250m3/hr at the nozzle
  • High vacuum on tool principles for dust collection from print face
  • Active on 6 axis robot head during deposition, otherwise may be used for general cleaning.
Extraction system
  • KST max 600 (limited to 450 bi isolation valve) – PMAX 10.5 bar (152 Psi)
  • Explosion relief panels and activation sensors
  • Inlet connection and outlet to Hi-Vac blower
  • Anti-static filter elements, internally earthed
  • 1 x 50L collection bin
  • 1 x 24VDC cleaning pulse controller – differential pressure activated
  • 1 x 37 kW Hi-Vac starter with VSD
  • Extraction hood on 6 axis head with flexible duct
  • ST3 rated (Kst 450) passive isolation valve
  • Discharge silencer, approx. noise level 68 Db(A)
  • Enclosed belt driven Hi-Vac blower with anti-surge control
Build Envelope9 x 3 x 1.5m
Rotational build envelop3 x 2m
Footprint30 x 15m
Shuttle Load5000kg
ControlTouch panel
Control Touch panel 
Input dataHard signal
Feedback data 
Process parameter regulations
Gas flow+/- 0.5% from set point
Chamber temperature+/– 3 ̊ C
Powder output+/– 0.5%
Max Temp. 1100 ̊15 minutes to heat, 10 to cool
Max Operating Pressure725 Psi
General maintenance
Nozzle Change Under5 minutes
Heater Change Under15 minutes
Powerfeeder system
Operating PressureMax 2000 Psi
Feed Ratio10g/min – 500g/min (30kg/hr)
General Maintenance
Material Speed (kg/h) Porosity Efficiency (1.5 max feed rate)
Ti CP 8.6 ≤ 4.1% 98%
Ti6Al4V 8.6 ≤ 2.5% 98%
Cu 16 ≤ 0.5% 99%
Al 99.99% 4.6 ≤ 0.5% 94%
SS 316L 8.6 ≤ 1.0% 96.00%
Ta 25 ≤ 0.5% 99%

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