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Royal Netherlands Army purchases 10 Titomic D523 Cold Spray Systems

26 March, 2024

Titomic Limited (ASX: TTT) (“Titomic” or “Company”), the world’s leading provider of cold spray solutions, is pleased to announce Titomic’s largest D523 order to date, received from the land branch
of the Royal Netherlands Army, the Koninklijke Landmacht.

The order comprises 10 units of the D523 System (“D523” or “Systems”), with a total sale value of EUR 772,000 (approximately AU$1.28 million), marking a significant milestone in Titomic’s expansion
in the defence sector.

Initially, the Royal Netherlands Army will send 9 of the Systems to Ukraine to provide aid to Ukraine’s war effort. The Systems will enable battle damage repair in-field and forward maintenance, enhancing battle readiness and prolonging mission capability. This order represents a substantial revenue opportunity for Titomic and reinforces Titomic’s position as a key player in the global defence and aerospace sectors. The D523’s capabilities align perfectly with the needs of the Koninklijke Landmacht, demonstrating Titomic’s ability to meet the stringent
requirements of military applications.

The delivery of the D523 systems is scheduled to commence in the coming months and Titomic looks forward to a continued partnership with the Koninklijke Landmacht.

Titomic is also engaged in commercial conversations with various other armies and navies globally,
including the Australian Defence Force. These discussions follow several successful demonstrations within Australia, showcasing Titomic’s innovative cold spray solutions and their applicability to a wide
range of military and defence operations.

Titomic’s Managing Director, Mr. Herbert Koeck, commented,

“This order from the Royal Netherlands Army marks a pivotal moment for Titomic, showcasing our D523 System’s ability to provide versatile repair and maintenance solutions on a large scale and
creating a significant revenue opportunity.

“This is a stride forward in our ongoing efforts to bring these innovative solutions to a wider market. Titomic is aiming to attract more large-scale orders from innovators across various sectors in the
coming months, including resources, defence, and aerospace, who are eager to leverage the advanced capabilities Titomic offers.”

Colonel C Heukers of the Royal Netherlands Army commented:

“Our decision to invest in Titomic machines marks a definitive shift from theoretical exploration to practical implementation of additive manufacturing within our military. This move signifies our unwavering commitment to leveraging advanced capabilities in real-world applications. By providing these innovative technologies to Ukrainian forces, we demonstrate our trust in their ability to swiftly adopt and effectively utilise these tools to enhance military capabilities. This collaboration underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and ensuring readiness for the challenges of modern warfare.”

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