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Spirit-satelite -high-efficiency radiator panels

Titomic technology aids Australia’s first scientific satellite in decades

Titomic, a leader in additive manufacturing technology, plays a pivotal role in Australia’s historic SpIRIT nanosatellite launch, marking the country’s return to space exploration. Collaborating with the University of Melbourne and the Italian Space Agency, Titomic’s innovative thermal radiator design is central to the satellite’s success. This mission, a significant step in space technology and scientific discovery, underscores Titomic’s expertise and Australia’s potential in the global space industry.

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Integrated Spray Booth Sold to Epcor BV

Titomic, a leader in manufacturing technology, is delighted to announce the sale of their innovative Integrated Spray Booth to Epcor BV for EUR 310,000. This is a significant step in commercialising cold spray technology in the aerospace industry, enhancing maintenance efficiency and performance

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Titomic to Supply Aerospace Tooling to Hockley Pattern & Tool

Industrial-scale additive manufacturing company Titomic (ASX: TTT) has agreed to supply Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) additively manufactured tooling to Hockley Pattern & Tool, a UK-based tooling company. The commercial unison will form a foundation for future opportunities, as the companies work collaboratively to deliver TKF’s advantages to Hockley Pattern customers.

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