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Whether you’re working with metals or temperature-sensitive materials like glass, ceramics and plastics, Titomic’s fully customisable and compact cold spray systems allow you to make rapid repairs and apply metal coatings without heat – making it possible to restore parts and create denser, thicker and corrosion-resistant coatings.  So you can maximise your uptime, output and productivity amidst increasingly complex challenges.

Manual and automated spraying

Rapid material build-up

Spray metal within 10 seconds

Prevent and repair corrosive damage

What is low and medium pressure cold spray?

Low and medium pressure cold spray is a breakthrough technology used to coat and repair parts with softer metals, mixtures and powders – compared to high-pressure cold spray used for additive manufacturing, which applies high-strength metals and alloys.

Titomic’s cold spray systems integrate advanced powder feeders to easily and rapidly apply thinner coatings in applications across a range of industries: from aerospace to defence, energy, electronics, automotive and more.

Common applications

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Fast repair turns the tide for shower floor manufacturer

It took just one bit of debris to damage a shower floor moulding tool and bring a leading composite materials company’s operations to a standstill. But it took Titomic’s D523 low-pressure cold spray system just a few hours – and a staggeringly small repair bill – to get efficiency flowing again.

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