Titomic Kinetic Fusion® for Automotive Manufacturing

Many industries desire the most cutting-edge metal alloys and composites to provide superior performance and efficiency to their platforms. This rings true particularly in the case of automotive and motorsport, with desires to engineer and manufacture revolutionary products. With Titomic Kinetic Fusion®, we’re unlocking new engineering possibilities for automotive, including the ability to fuse dissimilar metals, fuse metals and composites, and economically produce large volumes of parts with high-performance alloys, including titanium.

What’s more, we’re not only enabling weight reduction through high strength, lightweight parts, but also unlocking performance for a broader range of componentry. With traditional methods, titanium manufacturing is often reserved for high value and carefully chosen components. With Titomic Kinetic Fusion®, it’s now possible to manufacture more parts with titanium, as their competitive cost now encourages optimisation of many parts, from entire chassis to bolts to pure titanium rims.

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