TKF Bureau Manufacturing

Titomic’s TKF Bureau, located in Melbourne, Australia, houses a full suite of Titomic Kinetic Fusion® Manufacturing Systems, providing world-class manufacturing, research, and development for our clients. This advanced manufacturing facility houses the full-suite of TKF Manufacturing Systems, including the TKF 9000, TKF 1000, TKF Production Line, and TKF Polishing Cell, enabling end-to-end manufacturing capability.

With the TKF 9000, the world’s largest and fastest additive manufacturing system, Titomic’s Bureau offers the first true industrial-scale additive manufacturing service to a broad range of industries, from sporting goods to defence and beyond. With this, Titomic offers rapid creation of high-performance, large-scale parts up to 9 metres in length.

With this unmatched capability, clients are able to drastically reduce lead times, unlock manufacture of large, economical titanium parts, and simplify supply chains. Ultimately, this means whatever your manufacturing needs may be, Titomic is able to produce your high-performance parts from beginning to end – all under one roof.

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