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Traditionally, manufacturing faceplates has been slow and costly, with wastage, long lead times and geometry and machining issues.


Titomic’s technologies and capabilities allow tooling manufacturers to produce near-net shape faceplates with Invar36 and titanium.

Invar 36 offers low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for manufacturing large, high-tolerance composite parts – with shorter lead times and the ability to repair and resurface existing tooling.

Titanium has good thermal stability for small to medium sized parts, and is lighter, stronger and stiffing. It also uses less material for thinner tooling, and offers corrosion resistance.

Case study

With Titomic’s cold spray additive manufacturing process using green titanium powder, the Swinburne-CSIRO National Industry 4.0 Testlab produced a lighter, stronger and cost-competitive composite mould tool in just a few days.

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High pressure


Go beyond 3D printing manufacturing with faster, simpler, on-demand additive manufacturing.

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High pressure

Custom TKF systems

Make the most of our versatile technology with an additive manufacturing system tailored to your production needs and challenges.

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Need to coat or repair parts?

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rim repair case study

Alloy wheel repair an all-round success with cold spray

Repairing deep cuts in alloy wheels typically involves welding on more metal to fill the grooves – a hot, slow, and difficult process that requires a skilled technician, and can cause cracking and damage to the heat treatment. Equipped with Titomic’s D523 cold spray system, one leading wheel repairer was able to turn that around.

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