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Common Applications

Repair metal parts with advanced additive manufacturing

Titomic Kinetic Fusion® and the D523 enable rapid, easy repair of engine assets without heat. No more warping, cracking, or heat affected zones.



Restore and resurface parts with industry-leading build rates, saving you time and increasing productivity.


No heat

Process does not melt metal, so there's no more risk of heat distortion, heat-affected zones, warping, or cracking.


New possibilities

Fuse dissimilar metals together to deposit nickel onto cast iron, copper onto aluminium, and much more.

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Lower costs

Restore critical and expensive components cheaply - often with less than $100 worth of powder.


Easier & safer

No hot work or certifications needed - just our free training.

Save parts

Save expensive components from the scrap heap by restoring their geometry or repairing them.

MTU Rolls Royce Solutions repairs at V16 engine - running for 24,000 hours since repair.

Titomic cold spray was evaluated on the rebuild and long-life maintenance of a large-scale diesel engine. With numerous repairs made with cold spray, the engine was seen to be operating well after 24,000 hours of operation, with cold spray proving to be a competitive repair solution.


Effective repair & remanufacture of heavy vehicle assets

Often when key components on heavy vehicles are damaged, they’re scrapped or replaced. This is a costly yet entirely avoidable expense.

Learn how our cold spray technology systems make it easy and cost-effective to repair and restore parts – so your operations can keep on moving.


Enabled by Titomic's D523

Titomic Kinetic Fusion® is an additive manufacturing, repair, and coating method that uses supersonic particle deposition.

It’s an advanced technology that coats surfaces with strong layers of specialty metals – without ever melting them. It does this by accelerating metal particles into a supersonic jet of air. As the particles collide, they do so with so much kinetic energy that they bond together and fuse to the surface.

With this method, copper, steel, nickel, and more can be deposited and fused onto a wide range of surfaces.

Faster output
Less waste
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Scalable systems
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Scalable systems
Any size
Any size
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Maxiumum uptime

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Learn what other industry leaders have achieved with our TKF Additive Manufacturing System.

Titanium Valve Manufacturing with Cold Spray

Learn how Titomic’s D523 low-pressure cold spray system was used to quickly repair a classic car with no heat. The no-heat process does what welding, putty, and epoxies couldn’t for 20 years. Now, this vintage race car is back on the track, ready to take its driver toward the podium.

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