Clean Technology

Creating a better world through sustainable manufacturing.

Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

Titomic is introducing sustainability to advanced manufacturing through the integration of renewable energy technology and electrified manufacturing systems. With a vision to create a better world, Titomic is determined to manufacture smarter by producing fewer carbon emissions and using fewer resources. In doing so, Titomic envisions a sustainable manufacturing economy for current and future generations.

Emissions Reductions

The global metal manufacturing industry is responsible for generating 9% of all carbon emissions, with heat-based processes such as coking and iron-making contributing a disproportionate amount. As Titomic Kinetic Fusion® does not melt metal, the process inherently uses less energy to manufacture metal parts, leading to a 60% reduction of carbon emissions.

What’s more, the process is completely electrified, meaning TKF Manufacturing Systems may run on 100% renewable energy. Our TKF Melbourne Bureau, for example, runs primarily off renewable energy, drawing power from its 99kW solar system. In future, Titomic aims for its TKF Bureaus to be 100% carbon neutral.

Cutting Waste

Often in traditional manufacturing, parts are machined from a billet – a large block of metal – to their final shape. Not only is this process extremely lengthy, requiring hours of machining time, it often also removes large swaths of the billet, resulting in 90% material waste.

In comparison, Titomic Kinetic Fusion® builds parts to near their final shape, requiring between 0% and 10% of material to be machined away to achieve final tolerance. This reduces waste by a significant 80%, further reducing costs and process bloat.

Simplified Supply Chains

The agile TKF Manufacturing Systems may be co-located with industry or and placed within existing supply chains and manufacturing processes. This means that with this versatile manufacturing technology, parts can be created on-demand, alleviating the need to have an extensive inventory on-site. Building parts as they’re required on-site also means lead times are reduced, while emissions are further decreased by mitigating road, air and sea transportation emissions in the process.

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